Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hello Azerbaijan!

Yay for family! I know this is too many pictures, I even have about 6 more I really want to put up but this computer is not letting me :( I just got back from GLOW!! It was fabulous, I will put up a post soon, but first I want you to enjoy the things I did with my family! We had just the best time. It was super SUPER hot here, but mom, dad and Nick made it through the dusty heat! I was so sad to see them go, my heart is still broken, but showing off what I'm doing here and just having time to sit and doing nothing with them was the best thing in the world! I love youand miss you mom, dad and Nick!


The Madian's Tower, and exploring the Old City

Look at this key machine :)

Visiting m original host family

Back to

Heading to

The insanely hot bus; Nick on top of the engine. Yea, we had to trade off sitting back there, it was the only way to get to Sheki

Once we got there, Mason joined us

Our hotel, the Karvansaray. It was used as a place for travels of the Silk Road to stop and rest

Xan Saray, from the 18th century

And up the mountain to

Dad's new friends

For some reason we really took no pictures in Qazax :/ But here we are going from Qazax, where I live, to

Amanda joined us for our Tbilisi journey

Mother Georgia, she watched over our walk the whole day

Nick in front of his church (St. Nicholas' Church) :)

Taking the train back to

One last exploration of Baku

We're all pretty tired, haha, you can tell.

Sorry this took so long, and I know it's a lot of pictures, I hope you are able to upload and see the page clearly. The internet has been a really big pain here lately. Because of that, I will be posting a GLOW post a little later on. But enjoy and I'll see you soon :)