Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I Waited Too Long To Update My Blog

I don't even know where to start right now. My life as been full of adventures in the last few weeks. Ups and downs--laughter and frowns. So I'll just try to update you through pictures of what has been making me smile.

My younger host sister and I have found magic in the garden. Colorful flowers have become pieces of art, confetti and even snow.

This was the chicken feed I told you we were going to have. I needed the fun time in the garden with my sister before this :) (PS I didn't eat any chicken)

Beauty can be found in any situation. We spent one of our off days explore the beach of Sumgayit.

These are most of the other English teachers that will be living around the same area as me.

And THIS is Khayal. He is the coolest!

I have had the chance to explore Baku a few times now. I met Amanda (on my right) the AZ 6 who will be my new site mate. This is at Martyr's Lane.

Maiden's Tower in the Old City of Baku.

And finally our Thanksgiving.

I told you my cluster was practicing for the Turkey killing on Thanksgiving...

I stuck to peeling potatoes.

But the meal turned out wonderful and I have to admit, I ate the Turkey and it was good.

And obviously no Thanksgiving is complete without an Azeri dance party.

I hope you have some sort of random idea of what I've been up to. A week from today I will official be sworn in as a volunteer! And then its off to my new rayon. I am pretty excited for the change, though leaving the friends I've made here and my host family that I have grown so close to will be hard. Thank you for all of the messages on Facebook and here--you keep me going. Miss you and Love you all!