Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day Crafts

Thanks Aunt Debbie for the awesome craft project! My 5th and 8th grade classes had so much fun creating these lollipop flowers the Friday before Mother's Day! Like I've said before crafts aren't a big thing here in the school systems so this project and all its tape, scissors and imagination was very new for my kids... and my teachers too! The whole school was in a buzz about what I did with my classes that day. Also, they do not celebrate Mother's Day in Azerbaijan so this art shared multiple things with my students. I told them they all had to go home that day and give them to their moms. Another fun aspect of this project was I let them all have a turn using my camera during class. Any picture with me in it a 5th grader took. Pictures are SO exciting for them. The idea of using a camera and foreign and seeing their faces light up it is just hard to beat. Yep, you get where this is going, new photo project :) Anyway, check out a tiny taste of our day of creating flowers!!!