Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow In The Hills

Today was a beautiful sunny day. but it was so cold! I think winter is really here. From my fith floor apartment I could see the foot hills of the Lesser Caucasus covered in a whimsical dusting of snow. I can only imagine that it is about that time for us to be getting a dusting in the city too, we will see. The weather has been so cloudy and rainy lately that I haven't been able to see the hills is quite some time. This mornings sunny glimpse was a nice surprise.

Back to school and all is well! It is nice to be back in my little apartment too. Finding some new projects to fill my time-submitting a grant for GLOW, trying to prepare a different one for a summer camp in Qazax, and attempting to get the word out about a teachers organization we could start here, so we will see how this all goes :)