Wednesday, January 11, 2012


It's the moment you've all been waiting for, but this was virtually impossible. Instead of favorite moments its simply just favorites. How could I cover it all?! I have thousands of pictures and just as many memories. But here are a few things I really enjoyed while being in Azerbaijan:When two of my best friends, Katie and Erin, came to visit me!
The never ending season of pomegranates or "nar" as I will forever call them!
Pictured here are two favs: Zeynab, her laugh, her amazing family and the special relationship that her and I created and learning Azerbaijani traditions, like the cooking I'm learning here!
My host family during training!
When my mom, dad and brother came to see what Azerbaijan was all about!
The spring holiday of Novruz!
Farm animals just walking around town, which leads into the small town, safe lifestyle!
Zeynab's neighbor's and their daughter who we called Toto!
Here is another two for one photo: My cousin Christina's visit and the bazaar's of Azerbaijan!
The clotheslines always fluttering between buildings and trees!
Freedom to explore!
My 6th grade (7th grade now) students!
Shefeg and her wonderful family!

I tried to cover everything here but it was impossible, some favorites that aren't pictured were: my sitemates (Marie! Connie!), other Azerbaijan friends that I made (Afgan, Rafig!), Sandra and Steve's friendship and hospitality, Xanim's, Qazax in spring, the ease of walking everywhere, the somewhat shabby but always available transportation system... I have to stop but I hope what you are getting out of this is that I had an amazing time. It's great to be home, but I am so lucky to have had the experiences I did in Azerbaijan.

Thank you for following my blog and taking care of me in all the ways that you did while I was away, it meant the world to me! Now its on to the next steps: waiting to hear if I got in to graduate school and moving to Washington DC in the spring.

So this is the end, last post for me. Sağ Olun Dostlarım!