Monday, February 15, 2010

Saving the world, one heart at a time

Happy belated Valentine's Day! I was trying to decide what the best V Day present I could give you all would be, but sending flowers is too expensive and chocolates are so over rated, so instead I'll share with you my fifth grade class and our Valentine's lesson.

I found foam hearts of all sizes in the Peace Corps lounge one time and thinking ahead, I brought them home to use for just such an occasion. I gave each student a piece of paper, a few little foam hearts and colored pencils to share.
Even my teacher counterpart got into the Valentine's spirit and made me a lovely heart shaped card!

We talked about hearts and colors and who they would be giving their masterpieces to in English. I taught them how to fold a piece of paper and make a heart and simply tried to help them think outside of the box in being creative in their art.

Everyones cards went to their moms, except my teacher's, that one was for me!

I did this same lesson in one of my first grade classes and from both I have gotten nothing but good feed-back. Art and creativity are not a normal classroom lesson here but they are aspects that I will continue to try and incorporate daily. The students LOVED it and were honestly on the best behavior I've ever seen during this activity. Using methods that don't revolve around the terrible English books here are so foreign, I'm excited to do more things along these lines. If you have any fun ideas or good websites pass them my way! Happy Valentine's Day! Talk to you all soon!