Thursday, March 11, 2010


My site mate, Connie and I love to take walks, exploring the city of Qazax but also what is outside of the city. A little while ago we found the canal behind my house (I know I've mentioned it). Every time we walked back there we seemed to go a little further, exploring a little more until finally we discovered that the foothills of the Lower Caucasus aren't as far away as they seem!

From the start, it looked like it would take a few hours just to get into the hills, but we just kept walking, clocking our daylight left so we knew when to turn around and soon enough we were there!

There was no one around except for us and the shepards out in the distance with the herds of sheep and goats.
Eventually we started walking up hill. The ground was covered in little pink and white flowers, growing close to the grass.
Once we made it up to the top of that hill there was so much more to see! We could even begin to see the white caps of the actual mountain range in the distance. It was absolutely beautiful, these pictures don't do the experience justice. Arriving at the hill-top was a time to rest, think and remember some of why we are here and what we want to do. Connie and I are excited to start hiking further back into the hills in the spring.
Our walk home was during the last parts of full day light. The canal looked amazing. It was a fun and rewarding day of exploring and off-the-cuff soul searching.