Wednesday, September 15, 2010

First day of school!

We had a beautiful, sunny morning to start of the school year! Zeynab, my teacher counterpart and I have a lot of high hopes for this school year, we've been getting together and planing for about a month now so I am really excited and feeling good about the beginning of school :)

Zeynab and I are standing in her sister's garden in front of flowers that my mom sent for me to give as gifts for my teachers (Zeynab gave them to her sister, but that still works :)).
At the first day ceremony (With some of the other teachers). The ceremony is for the incoming 1st graders; the 11th graders (last year of high school) gave them some words of wisdom and then the little ones shared a poem.
My 5th grade class... excuse me, 6th grade class now! You might recognize some of them from my Gardening Club.
All the kids rushing into the school at the end of the ceremony. They are so excited to be back!

With the start of a new year and all of the plans Zeynab and I are trying to make work there are a few things we need that we just can't find here. We are going to start a movie club in October. For this we need kids movies, easier English, that are both cartoons and real people, anything that will entertain but still be easy to follow for English learners. As well as a movie club Zeynab and I are working on creating a resource room in our school. Part of the room will be books for kids learning and practicing English. I'll be writing different grants for it in the upcoming month, but we could always use donations as well. We're talking very beginner books, lots of pictures, anything you liked as a kid or your kids like, or use in school (if you're a teacher). I am absolutely not expecting anything from anyone, but maybe if you were already thinking about sending me a box :) you could throw a movie/book or two in with the lot! Thanks as always! Talk to you soon :)