Monday, October 11, 2010

Cold feet?

In Azerbaijan there are a few different ethnic groups in certain regions (none of which are close to Qazax unfortunately). One of these groups are the Talysh people who live down south in the Talysh Mountains near Lerik and the Iranian border. In Azerbaijan the Taylsh are known for their sock making (along with other things). Its been cold here this week so I've actually been wearing mine around the house, see....
(My bedroom! Go Dawgs!)

One of the volunteers that lives down south, Eli, has put together a website so that anyone can buy these awesome socks. I wanted to share it with you for a couple reasons-one is that they keep your feet really warm! ;) And maybe more importantly is that all of the money spend on these socks goes back into community projects. I also want you all to see how some of the non-English teacher volunteers spend their time in Azerbaijan. So if you're interested at all go to to have a look for yourself- its a pretty cool project.

As for me, school is starting to take a little bit more of a shape, more of a schedule and real classes. I'm holding off on my clubs until I know the exact schedule (which isn't this week) so I know what days and times I'm free. But Zeynab and I are starting to put together our Halloween play. If you think of any good Halloween costumes for kids that can be easily thrown together from things around the house let me know!

And congratulations to my friends Molly and Levi who just got married on Saturday! Wish I could have been there; I heard it was absolutely beautiful! Best of luck you two.