Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gurban Bayram Break

With a week off of school for the Islamic holiday of sacrificing sheep, I was able to travel down to Lankaran and Lerik. The fall colors up in the Talysh Mountains, where Lerik is located, were absolutely amazing! Took my breath away; I love fall :)
Look what I found in the Lankaran bazaar guys!? This man made two keys for me and I felt right at home watching and listening to him do it. Mason and I explained that my family has a machine like this at home and he was happy to be a part of many pictures.
Later, up in Lerik, a German journalist came to do research for a story she was writing on the longevity of life in Lerik. So we all went out on the hunt and tracked down this man, Kishi who is somewhere between 105 and 145 years old, haha.
And this precious woman who is 112, with documents to prove it!
In both cases these people did not speak English, Azeri or Russian. They both only spoke Talysh, a language little known to the world and we had to have their worlds translated into Azeri so that we could translate them into English, so that they could be put into German! This is Mehbuba's, the old lady's, son with Mason; he was our Talysh translator here. We had quite the day! One for the journal and book to come ;) If you want to read a more in depth story about our day check out the tourism blog that Mason has created for his business, CBT Azerbaijan, in Lerik. Its definitely worth a read! And it has more pictures :)