Monday, December 6, 2010

Yes, It Is True

Fire really does come from the ground in Baku.

All of us PCV's were invited to a Thanksgiving party at the US Ambassador's house hosted by the charge d' affaires (there's no Ambassador at this time). Mason and I had the opportunity to go to a play at The International School in Baku with some new friends so we came in a day early. The play was so much fun! And the next day we got a tour of parts of Baku we hadn't gone before, including to this "Mountain of Fire." Its more like a hill, but yes, it is just naturally burning from the ground. There used to be more places like this all over the Baku area, but the drilling of oil has dried most of them up. The Thanksgiving party was great too! So much food, it felt like home! I even had to unbutton my pants after eating :). Now I'm working on a New Year's performance/party at school and then its off to Georgia for Christmas!