Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Discovering Qazax's February

Sunset from my kitchen window.
Houses built during the soviet era like to show of the year they were built. This one simply shows its year alone, 1954, but others have stars, sickle and hammers or other pictures along with the year.
A place where people leave their trash for the truck to collect.
Clothes hanging out to dry.
This old wall was build with many things, not just stone, including this old can. Its bottom has rusted out and things can be left to sit inside.
My apartment building. Built by the soviets in the 1970's.
View of the hills from the road behind my house. I have this same view, but higher, from my kitchen window.
Meat for safe by the kilo at the store near my house. I always shop here and have gotten to know the owners.
Unused stones on my walk into town, covered in moss.
This little shack was once for selling food but now is unused. It is right outside of my apartment entrance.
Same shack in the snow the very next day.
One of the windows in my stairwell on my way up to my top floor apartment. There is no glass in any of the stairwell windows.
The fence around my school yard, covered in snow.
Ice in the street behind my house.