Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Novruz Tuesday Art Club

February 22nd, the first Novruz Tuesday was "Su Charshanbasi" or Water Tuesday. We painted water scenes with water colors.
March 1st, the second Novruz Tuesday, "Od Charshanbasi" or Fire Tuesday. We decorated candles with magazine clippings.

March 8th, the third Novruz Tuesday, "Yel Charshanbasi" or Wind Tuesday. We made wind chimes from buttons, old keys and key rings, and washers and L-brackets I bought in the hardware store.

March 15th, today, the fourth and last Novruz Tuesday, "Torpaq Charshanbasi" or Earth Tuesday. We went outside and took a class picture then collected things from outside, from the earth, to decorate picture frames for the outside picture.

This art project was a lot of fun and made me feel more a part of the Novruz Holiday, but in my own American, Jessi way. Tonight its off to Zeynab's for fire jumping and a huge feast! I'm going to make a carrot salad and a waldorf salad to share with her family, they love seeing what kind of stuff "we" eat. I think they will be surprised how similar it is to salads they make here. Then tomorrow my 6th graders and I are having a Novruz party in class, I'm going to bring my full grown Samani for the party and to show it off. Thursday is the start of our week and a half school break, I'm heading down to Mason's where I'll be studying and registering myself to take the GRE in June. If you haven't already, read the comments under my last post, "My Novruz Samani," Meagan wrote and posted a poem I think all should enjoy :). Love you all! Novruz Bayraminiz Mubarek! Happy Novruz Holiday!