Thursday, April 7, 2011

Gardening in Spring

As Zeynab and I were walking to the home of the boy we tutor today we were talking a lot about gardening. She asked me about my first gardening club yesterday and if I figured out how to use the shovel I had borrowed from here :) and I was getting her advice on when to plant certain things. She told me this story they have about starting to grow your crop in the Spring and I want to share to with you.

There was an old woman. She had many goats. All winter long she feed them grass that she had dried from the Autumn before and they stayed healthy and strong all winter. After March was over and April beginning the old woman poked March and Winter in the eyes and said I have won! All of my flock has survived the winter, I beat you. March and Winter did not like her saying this to them at all so the saved three days of Winter and sent them into April. They killed all of the old woman's flock while she was gloating. These three days are April 13-16 and that is why they say here never to plant your crops before the 16th of April. If you do, winter will come again and freeze everything you plant.