Thursday, June 30, 2011

Qazax Summer Camp: Health Day

I was probably the most nervous about Health Day out of all the projects we've done this week. It's not easy teaching things like health in a different language. But with a lot of help from Zeynab, Mason and Josh today was a HUGE success!Dental Health. Thank you Kaitlin Poppe for all of the great ideas of what to say and how to show it! This went so well! On Monday we put eggs into water, juice, tea and coke representing what these things would do to our teeth. Today we checked out the tea and soda's discoloration and the sugary juice and soda's softening of the eggs. We talk a lot about how to keep our mouths and teeth clean and we ended by all brushing our teeth the right way out side, including Mason and I.
Physical Health. We talked about food, sleep, exercise; things to keep our bodies healthy. We followed this lesson with a game of kickball-getting all the kids exercising and spending time out side.
We ended the day with Mental Health. We focuses on being happy and creative and stretching our minds by reading, writing and playing logic games. We also just talked about laughter and how good it can be. To put this into motion we decorated our pinatas using creativity and hopeful some critical thinking to exercise our minds. But most of all we had a lot of smiles and laughing.