Friday, July 1, 2011

Qazax Summer Camp: Field Day

Our final day of camp was filled with a lot of hilarious relay races and games and a lot of laughter!
I'm wearing my tie-dye shirt from Wednesday's arts and crafts!
No-hands balloon between the knees relay. Each kids goes down and back and then passes the balloon off to the next kid. No one can use their hands at all :).
The MOST hilarious thing all day! The old clothes relay! Using a bunch of PCVs' old clothes left in the PC lounge we gave each of the two teams a pile of old clothes, each kid had to put every piece on, run down and back and then switch it all to the next kid. The laughter from this event drew a lot of attention from others around us. So funny!
The jump rope relay was also too funny. The boys could not for the life of them jump rope correctly and they looked like funny little frogs trying to hope the rope. We were all laughing quite a bit-including the boys don't worry :).
Water balloon toss! Mason and Kanan tied Rufet and Tural for first in this event.
We ended the day by breaking open the pinata's we had been working all week to make. While mason was out doing some other relays I snuck all the candy and prizes inside of the pinatas!

My summer camp was a huge success! It went over fantastically with the students and all of the teachers! Everything I planned to do worked out perfectly! Thank you to all of my PCV (or other American :)) helpers and to all of you back home who sent things over to make this camp possible! I hope you can all see the my students and I really appreciate all the help!!!