Sunday, July 17, 2011

A 15 Cent Delicacy

During the summer months in Azerbaijan watermelons are literally falling off of trucks and rolling down the street waiting to be sold. At the cheap price of 15 "gapik" (cents) a kilo, you can imagine that Peace Corps Volunteers and Azeri families alike live off of this fruit!This is one of many identical stands along the road here in Gazakh selling watermelons. This one happens to be right near my house, I took this photo from my balcony.
I am never without a watermelon in my fridge this time of year. You would think maybe I would get sick of eating watermelon for breakfast, lunch and dinner but its just not the case. In fact I dream of eating it :). As I think Azeri's do too. Saturday when I went over to my friend Shafag's house I saw she had bought 10 watermelons! She just keeps them in the yard so there is a constant supply!