Saturday, October 17, 2009

Life in the AZB

So I'm sitting here sweating in this Internet cafe. Who knew it would be so hot in the middle of October? I came here expecting it to be cold- oh well. I'm continuing to appreciate all of the blog comments and facebook/email messages you've all been sending me! Sorry if you haven't heard back from me yet, I have limited time on the Internet every week, but they mean a lot to me! Morgan Rost and Katie Clark-I loved you updates on life with our friends! And Liz thank you for the pictures they give me a good laugh every time!

Life here is still going really well! Earlier this week I got to go to my first Toy (wedding) with my family! I was the first one in my cluster to get the chance and everyone was very jealous of me. You see, Toys are one of the coolest cultural events you can go to (I guess I don't have another event to compare the Toy to yet so it may not be the coolest, but they are pretty awesome)! In preparation of the Toy I put on a fashion show for my family and one of the cousins that was over the night before. I tried on many different outfits and multiple pairs of shoes before finding the perfect dress and high heels to wear. Once the outfit was found I did a celebratory can-can dance in the kitchen, obviously, which sent some goods laughs and hugs my way! The next day on my hour and a half lunch break my sister took me to the salon to get my hair done! It was exactly what I imagine getting your hair done at a salon in a small town would be like, lots of gossip and women coming in and out- if only I knew what they were gossiping about! My hair ended up very curly and was quite the hit at the salon, at home and among my friends! The women at the salon couldn't believe my hair could get so curly! The Toy itself took the cake though, weddings here are very different from ones at home.

People rent out these rooms that are made specifically for weddings and are set up with fancy tables, chairs, confetti blowers, TV screens on the walls and a live TV crew at all times. Once you walk in you immediately get to start eating (Toys=1 point; weddings=0) and the food never and I mean NEVER stops coming. When the bride and groom come in together everyone claps, but you still get to eat. They say something like saying vows at a wedding and then the dancing begins! I learned how to dance the night before and got to show off my skills on the dance floor many times. I'm not saying Toys or weddings are better, but I had a lot of fun!

Over all, things are going really well here and I'm just trying to take it all in one day at a time. I have more good stories but you'll have to wait til next time!