Thursday, October 1, 2009

One foot in the right direction

I’M HERE! 30 hours of travel and multiple airports later a seriously haggard group of 61 Americans made it to their hotel just outside of Baku, Azerbaijan’s capital. Now we are all scrounging to get online, thus its not working very well. So far I don’t really have any exciting things to say about the AZB expect for that I’m here- Its dark outside and we have only driven through Baku to get to the hotel, which is big and westernized. So what I’m saying is, you’re all going to have to wait to get the low down on my new home until daylight.

On the plane ride from JFK to Frankfurt, Germany I some how literally slept the entire way (that never happens to me), I didn't even take my ipod out of my bag! But I did get a lot of energy to make it through 7 hours at the Frankfurt airport and I think it helped me to maybe get on Azerbaijan time a little as it is after midnight here now and my eyes are burning with tiredness (is that a word?), as they should be. Looking out the plane window, from the center aisle seat, as we landed here was very exciting and it was easy to see that my whole group was pumped up as Peace Corps staff and AZ6 (the group ahead of us) volunteers gave us a loud welcome at the airport. The long day, or whatever, it feels like the same day, that I just had was made so much better by the people I spent it with. I really am surrounded by a good group of fun loving, caring people, who are going to help me get through this new adventure.

Love you and miss you all. Don’t worry- I am safely here in the AZB.