Saturday, October 10, 2009


First off let me just say that signing on to my blog for the first time in a week and seeing so many comments made me very happy! Thank you, you keep me connected to home!

So here I am in an internet cafe in Sumgayit (second largest city in AZB), if I walk down the street a little I run into the Caspian Sea... what!? This really is an adventure, I'm feeling pretty lucky. Things are going so well! I live only about a fifteen minute bus ride from Sumgayit, and my host family is amazing! I have two sisters that speak English and a mom that takes good care of me and is always teaching me new words and then quizzing me. This is a good thing because language class is hard, so I need the extra practice. But yesterday I told my mom and grandma that pomegranates are my favorite fruit in Azerbaijani- I was pretty pleased with myself, and I could see that they were happy too (you see my mom did not teach me this saying).

My dad works a lot but is always home for dinner and is extremely loving of his family and me. Dinner is always fun at my house, there is a lot of talking that I can't understand but try to listen to; a lot of teaching me new words that I soon forget; and mostly a lot of laughter! My favorite is when I can somehow make my family laugh- always a small accomplishment. I feel so welcome and comfortable in their house, I really am part of the family! I have my own room that is very comfortable and a garden full of nar trees (pomegranates), grape vines and many fruits and vegetables. I feel like I'm living the life over here! And yes, nar are my new most favorite thing ever! I eat them as if they were sour straws! You know what that means, my family sometimes calls me nar girl and tells me soon I will have nar growing out of my hair!

Monday thru Saturday I have language class from morning til lunch time. Then three or four times a week all the English teaching groups get together at one school to have TEFL sessions (basically learning how to be a teacher). Sunday is our day off to hang out and relax with each other, so that is what we are doing now. It has been very sunny and warm here, but today, of course it is raining. Still life is good! I miss you all and love you lots! Next time I can use my own computer I'll add pictures, I have a lot of beautiful things to share!